What is ADAS and why does it need to be calibrated?

Advanced Driver Assistance System

ADAS, also known as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, are technological features in modern vehicles that help increase the safety of today’s vehicles. They function using a human-machine interface that helps the driver be able to more accurately react to dangerous situations on the road. These safety systems have actually been implemented in over half the vehicles manufactured today, and not just in luxury vehicles. Toyota vehicles actually have ADAS installed as a standard in over 90% of all vehicles made since 2017.

When it comes to ADAS, they are very complex technological systems that often do need to be calibrated in order to perform correctly. They are also invisible to scan tools, which can make them difficult to service by an average auto repair shop. Here at Precision Auto Repair in Pleasanton, CA, we are the ADAS specialists in the area with the tools and expertise to recalibrate all ADAS.

These safety systems are extremely complex, and typically use camera, radar, and ultrasonic sensors in order to operate. These sensors are precisely aimed and need to be in order to guarantee accuracy, which is why recalibration is needed if they are moved, even in the slightest. Typically, a misaimed sensor is a result of a car collision. However, recalibration can be required when replacing any vehicle part that is attached to an ADAS sensor. For example, services such as windshield replacement, suspension repair, or wheel alignment often require ADAS sensor recalibration.

ADAS represents a number of different modern safety systems but they all share the same purpose, which is to keep you safer on the road through early warning and automated systems. Here are some of the most common ADAS found in modern vehicles today:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Anti-lock Brakes
  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Lane Keeping Assist
  • Parking Assist
  • Traction Control

If you’ve recently been in a car collision or suspect an issue with one of your vehicle’s safety systems, we invite you to Precision Auto Repair in Pleasanton, CA for an inspection. Our shop has invested in state-of-the-art equipment and tools in order to calibrate these complex systems with complete accuracy and precision. Our ASE certified technicians also have access to the latest OEM bulletins and information regarding ADAS in order to recalibrate your vehicle according to manufacturer standards.

For ADAS calibration in Pleasanton, CA, we invite you into our shop for professional and quality service. Give us a call with any questions or feel free to schedule a visit using our online appointment form.

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